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Why You Need A SNAP Appeal Attorney

As a store owner, you realize just how important SNAP customers are to your business, and how much money is brought into your store as a result of this program. However, there may come a time when the U.S. Department of Agriculture decides to levy penalties against your business for alleged SNAP violations. When this happens, you could be staring at a temporary suspension of being allowed to accept SNAP benefits, a permanent disqualification from SNAP, and possibly thousands of dollars in fines. In some situations, you may be a store owner who has had your application for accepting SNAP benefits declined by the USDA. In any case, you need to take swift action to prevent serious financial damage to your business, which is why you should immediately hire the services of an experienced SNAP appeal attorney.

Complicated and Confusing Process
If there is one thing the federal government is very good at doing, it is creating programs that are very complicated and confusing to most people. This is the case with SNAP, which can be virtually impossible for anyone to decipher when allegations are made against their business. In many instances, such as when you receive a letter from the USDA informing you of alleged violations and possible penalties you may face, you may only have as little as 10 days in which to file an appeal. Because of this, you should never waste your time trying to fight this battle on your own. Instead, turn to a SNAP appeal attorney who is not afraid to take on the federal government and prove your innocence.

Your Application is Denied–Now What?
When you as a business owner decide to send in an application to the USDA asking for approval to accept SNAP benefits, you are already counting on the increase in customers and revenue that often follows. However, you may be surprised when your application comes back with a denial from the USDA. Since you may assume this is a mistake, you might be tempted to contact the USDA yourself, thinking you alone can resolve the matter. Should you do this, it won’t take long for you to realize this approach won’t work. When applications are denied, it is usually due to the USDA determining your business is an “ineligible firm” or fails to possess “integrity and reputation.” In many situations, applications have been mistakenly denied due to another family member’s previous suspensions or disqualification from SNAP. If you are now holding a denied application in your hand, don’t assume this is the end of the line. By contacting a trusted SNAP appeal attorney, the fight is just beginning.

Suspensions and Disqualifications
While some business owners see their SNAP applications denied, others get letters from the USDA stating they are temporarily suspended from accepting SNAP benefits or have been permanently disqualified from the program. In either case, the financial blow this will be to a business often means an owner is forced to go out of business or sell their business to a new owner. Even if you only receive a suspension, this can last as long as six months, and you may have the USDA attempting to turn your suspension into a permanent disqualification. Should the government disqualify your business from SNAP, you will never be able to get back into the program again, since federal regulations state a disqualification means you will never be allowed to operate a store in any state that accepts these benefits. Since the government will likely base this ruling on allegations of trafficking, you need to immediately appeal to protect your business and your personal and professional reputation.

Almost $60,000 in Financial Penalties
As if suspensions and disqualifications are not enough to force you out of business, the USDA also has the authority to hit your business with substantial financial penalties for alleged SNAP violations. Should you have been disqualified and later on sell your business, you can face fines of nearly $60,000, and you will only have 10 days to appeal these penalties. Since the government is known for being very aggressive in pursuing payment of these fines, don’t think they will just disappear into thin air. With just over one week in which to appeal, get to work immediately by scheduling a meeting with a SNAP appeal attorney to discuss your situation and various legal options.

What’s Involved in a SNAP Appeal?
When appealing a ruling from the USDA, you can expect the process to begin with an Administrative Appeal, which can take months to complete if your case is extremely complex. However, if you have an experienced SNAP appeal attorney handling your case, this process can often be speeded up substantially. While the government will drag its feet in hopes you will simply give up and disappear, this won’t occur once you put your case in the hands of a SNAP appeal attorney who knows and understands how the system works in these matters. Through a careful examination of the evidence against you, your attorney can often find discrepancies within the government’s case, make these discrepancies known in administrative and court hearings, and get your situation resolved in a manner that will minimize financial damage to you and your business.

While it is always intimidating to think about taking on the federal government in court, it is more unnerving to think about letting a business you have built up over the years be ruined by wrongful allegations. Therefore, you should decide to fight until the end by contacting a SNAP appeal attorney who has proven to be successful in cases similar to yours. By getting started today, you can be one step closer to getting your business back on track.

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